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At Oak Summit Group, we’re focused on you, the client. Our services have the focus and the detail to provide an enjoyable experience that is successful for everyone. With this high level of attention, it makes the transition to the next step, whether a seller or buyer, more pleasant.


To create/leave a positive impact on everything Oak Summit Group comes in contact with.

Get to Know the Team at Oak Summit Group


Roger, a DFW resident for almost a decade, founded Oak Summit Group (OSG) in 2020 and established its headquarters in Fort Worth. He brings to OSG a background that brings vast experience in hospitality, entrepreneurship, IT, and real estate. As one homeowner to another, he cannot stress how important it is to stay on top of maintenance. It is all too frequent that he comes across issues with homes that could have been preventive if maintenance was kept up to date, ultimately saving the homeowner a lot more money.

While his favorite room in his home is his office, when he is not working, you can find him cooking and smoking BBQ, entertaining, and bike riding. He also enjoys cars, darts, pool, and the Dallas Cowboys. Roger resides in Fort Worth with his wife and their two dogs.

Born in California, Brenda has called Tarrant County home for almost thirty years. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she has dedicated herself to helping others and greatly values good customer service. As a natural creative, her hobbies include knitting, weaving, and crafting. So, it was a no-brainer who would be serving as the Chief Design Officer. A trick to her trade is making use of the color wheel. She uses the method in her crafting and the same method applies to selecting colors for OSG homes. Her favorite room in the home is her closet, since she is a bit of a clothes and shoe junkie, she likes an organized closet, so she can admire her wares. 

Brenda, just like her husband enjoys entertaining and hitting up new restaurants, as well as their favorite standbys. Brenda resides in Fort Worth with her husband and their two dogs.

Chief Design Officer

Bob comes to OSG via adoption by Roger and Brenda and serves as Chief Paws Assistant. He is always joining Roger on new house projects, where he quickly finds a place in the sun and takes a nap. Bob’s tip to new homeowners with dogs, you can never have too many dog beds. That’s why he says any room in the house is his favorite, as long as there is a sofa or bed. Bob is a Catahoula mix and resides in Fort Worth.

Kahlua is the newest member that comes to OSG via adoption by Roger and Brenda and serves as Chief Paws Assistant II. A bit more rebellious, you can find her outside playing fetch, digging holes in the backyard, and playing tug-of-war. Kahlua has really advanced in understanding the business thanks to help from her brother, Bob. Kahlua is a supermutt and resides in Fort Worth.


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