Our 4 Step Downsizing Plan for Homeowners

Are you prepared with a strategic downsizing approach for your home in ? As life evolves, so do our needs for a dwelling. Transitioning to a smaller abode entails more than just finding a new space and dealing with the complexities of selling your existing larger home; it involves a daunting process of sorting through cherished memories and possessions. We understand the emotional weight and practical challenges involved. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a straightforward, four-step downsizing plan tailored for homeowners in . Dive in to discover how we can simplify this journey for you.


In our comprehensive downsizing strategy tailored for residents, the initial step involves meticulous sorting of your possessions, taking into account the constrained space in a smaller dwelling. Embark on this journey by prioritizing items like clothing and household essentials, evaluating their utility based on how recently they’ve been utilized. Typically, we recommend discarding items untouched for over a year to streamline the process. When it comes to decorative pieces and furniture, prioritize sentimentality over market worth, ensuring that each piece you retain holds personal significance in your new abode.


In the next phase of our downsizing strategy tailored for residents, we delve into selling items you no longer need but hold value. The internet offers diverse platforms for this purpose, facilitating the sale of larger items such as furniture on local listing sites, rental portals, and popular job boards. Furthermore, there are dedicated platforms catering to unique collectibles, ensuring a seamless experience for sellers. It’s crucial to accompany your listings with ample images to attract potential buyers effectively.


Many individuals find donating their belongings to charity to be their preferred method of clearing out items. This act of generosity marks the third crucial step in our comprehensive downsizing strategy tailored for residents. Often, people opt to donate items that remain in good condition but didn’t sell or lack significant market value for advertising. Charitable organizations frequently offer the convenience of home pickups, simplifying the donation process for contributors. Depending on the worth of your donations, consulting a tax advisor could potentially unlock deductions you’re eligible for, enhancing the benefits of your charitable contributions.

Recycle or Dispose

When it comes to items that don’t quite meet the mark for selling or donating, it’s important to consider whether they’re ready to be disposed of or recycled. Recycling options extend beyond just clothing and textiles to include electronics as well. Keep in mind that there are regulations dictating the amount of trash allowed for pickup and how it should be packaged. Depending on the scale of your decluttering project, you might need assistance from hired help. Additionally, arranging for a larger trash dumpster to be delivered and collected after filling it may be necessary.

Ready, Set, Go

Looking for the most hassle-free downsizing solution in ? Look no further than selling directly to Oak Summit Group. Simply pack your essentials, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our streamlined process guides you every step of the way, with straightforward contracts and quick closings, typically within 30 days. Partnering with Oak Summit Group means bidding farewell to the stresses of prepping your home for listings. No need to fret over painting, repairs, constant cleaning for showings, or interruptions. We purchase your home as-is and even handle the disposal of unwanted items. Say hello to simplicity with Oak Summit Group.

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