How Selling Your House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

How Selling Your  House Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

Picture selling your residence effortlessly, free from the burdens of staging and frequent interruptions for viewings. Our seasoned team will navigate you through each phase, guaranteeing a seamless and effective transaction. Moreover, you’ll slash repair expenses by thousands compared to conventional listings.

Ditch the apprehension of repairs and constant showcase preparations hindering your home sale. Seize command of your selling journey and reach out today to explore how we can expedite the sale of your property, hassle-free.

With our streamlined process, you can bid farewell to the hassle of renovations, showings, and the uncertainties of the traditional real estate market. We recognize the significance of curb appeal, especially in today’s digital-driven market. By selling directly to us, you can bypass time-consuming tasks and focus on what truly matters to you. Don’t let the fear of repairs and constant disruptions deter you from selling your home. Take charge of your selling experience and reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you in swiftly and effortlessly selling your residence.

Fluctuations in Supply Costs

In , lumber prices have soared by over 112% compared to last year, impacting the costs of essential home improvement materials like drywall, roofing, and siding. This surge is fueled by a growing demand from homeowners eager to enhance their living spaces amidst a trend towards home ownership.

With more individuals investing in their properties for home offices, schooling setups, and family-centric activities, the strain on building supplies and distribution networks has led to production delays and increased consumer expenses.

When seeking estimates for repairs, homeowners face the reality of fluctuating material costs, often accompanied by time constraints on quotes. These delays can erode potential profits as mortgage payments and monthly expenses mount during extended projects.

However, there’s a solution for homeowners looking to bypass these challenges: selling directly to professional buyers like those at Oak Summit Group. By selling as-is, homeowners sidestep the burden of repair costs, potentially saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Don’t let rising lumber costs derail your home improvement plans. Contact Oak Summit Group today to discover how selling your property directly can alleviate financial strain and streamline the selling process.”


Don’t let unexpected repair costs catch you off guard! Experts advise adding 10 percent to your repair budget to account for hidden issues that often arise mid-project, especially in older homes like yours. Failure to plan for contingencies could grind your renovation to a halt, leaving you with a hefty bill and a half-finished project.

Even after hiring professionals for inspections and obtaining multiple repair estimates, surprises are inevitable. When selling a property in , undisclosed repairs can lead to disappointingly low offers from buyers, who will demand steep discounts to cover the cost of repairs. Worse yet, legal troubles may arise if serious flaws are discovered post-sale.

But fear not! When you sell your home directly to Oak Summit Group, you transfer all repair risks to us. We’ll handle everything, saving you from potential headaches and thousands in hidden repair expenses.

At Oak Summit Group, we make selling your house hassle-free. Say goodbye to commissions and hidden fees! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation offer and discover how easy it is to sell directly to Oak Summit Group. Message us now or call (817) 381-2181 to get started.

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